Diffuser Reeds – Grey

Diffuser Reeds – Grey


Diffuser Reeds – Grey

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Designer Reeds offer optimal performance without any attendance for up to 6 months.

When using Designer Diffuser Reeds the length and quantity of reeds determines the strength of your fragrance experience.

We recommend replacing your diffuser reeds every six months to ensure optimal fragrance dispersion. Dust and airborne particles will cause your reeds to clog with fragrance after a period of 3 – 4 months. Your fragrance dispersion will start to become less shortly thereafter.

Reed replacement is necessary due to the uniquely long lifespan of any Flower Box Home Fragrance Diffuser.

Do not re-use reeds. Either in the same or an alternative fragance. Premium fiber reeds are an imperative component for optimal fragrance dispersion. Re-used reeds of the same fragrance do not perform in a satisfactory manner – re-used reeds of a different fragrance do not perform, nor would you want them to when mixing fragrances.

Flip your reeds for a stronger burst of fragrance. This can last anywhere from one hour to two days. We recommend flipping your reeds at any time you see fit to further enhance your chosen space with fragrance.

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