About Us

Oigio Galleries offers complete access to the best modern art and craft produced and created by top African and international creative and innovative artists. From our galleries, we provide a novel viewpoint on the artists and concepts that are currently influencing art. A compelling destination and resource for our Clients and all lovers of high-caliber, imaginative, and contemporary art worldwide, arts and craft also benefits from the global reach and expertise of our artists.

We offer premium, Made in Africa Ankara prints that are crafted from Aso Oke and creatively crafted into everyday bags, work-worthy bags, laptop bags, and travel bags with an emphasis on high – quality material and handcrafted skill.

We ultimately deliver the finest and highest quality arts and crafts, including handcrafted paintings, crafts, and bags from the finest, most talented, and highly skilled African artists. We use iron specifically to create some crafts, while wood is also used to create and refine some. You might find it interesting to know that we want to make your space into an engaging, imaginative, and mature environment while maintaining a sense of simplicity. We firmly believe that simplicity is the key to communication, and we want your space to convey lovely and inspiring ideas through simplicity.

We have established a world-class gallery in the very center of Paphos, Cyprus, and we plan to spread out across the island with facilities in other strategic locations like Larnaca and Limassol, Nicosia. Orders can be delivered from Oigio Galleries door to door within the Continent of Europe.


Oigio Galleries makes every effort to provide knowledgeable advice and assistance with all areas of buying and selling art. The gallery takes pride in offering expert guidance to clients wishing to build private and public collections, as well as those looking to sell art from an existing collection.

From the initial stages of assessments or viewings until the creation of a collection that matches the client’s unique tastes while maintaining within agreed-upon budgets, the team works with clients. In addition to individual acquisitions of significant pieces, the gallery provides interior design and estate management services.



With ten years of expertise, a passion for art, craft, and painting, as well as working with some of the highest quality pieces of art and most significant collections, Oigio Galleries offers a wealth of experience to any potential customer in their acquisition of Art.

Worldwide connections with significant dealers and collectors have given access to a wide range of accessible works, and assistance in all aspects of negotiation is available. The gallery always has a wide selection of readily accessible artworks in stock, and the gallery crew is always available to discuss these in greater detail in order to completely please any clientele.


Oigio Galleries, which has worked on numerous high-end interior design projects, can offer a comprehensive service from start to finish to match artworks to the customer and surroundings. From initial site visits and counseling through site-specific concepts, the acquisition of works, framing, shipping, and installation, they have had the pleasure of furnishing some of the most exquisite homes in the world with the highest quality artwork.

Our Value

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

Oigio Galleries brings Creative Works of Art to the World, to inspire the Human Mind

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