ART SIZE: H85cm X W115cm



Title: Urban Contrast

Artist: Alabi Azeez

Oil on Canvas

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In ‘Urban Contrast,’ an oil-on-canvas masterpiece, a town view unfolds in a captivating display of black and white. The cityscape reveals a symphony of black and white buildings and a chorus of white cars navigating the urban tapestry. Amidst this grayscale ensemble, a single yellow car and intermittent yellow details on select buildings strike a harmonious chord of contrast, infusing the scene with vibrant energy. As a woman gracefully crosses the street under the shelter of an umbrella, the subtle sign of rain embraces the atmosphere. Though the rain remains unseen, the monochrome effect, juxtaposed with the vivid yellow contrast, serves as a poetic reminder that even on gray days, there is always a bright note to illuminate our journey.

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