Raphia Farinifera / Raffia Palm – a palm tree native to tropical Africa and Madagascar, with a short trunk and leaves which may be up to 18 m (60 feet) long. The fibre from the leaves of the raffia tree are used for making items such as hats and baskets.
Raffia Palms
Natural Raffia
In certain regions like Africa, bark, raffia, cotton, wool, and silk fibres are some of the raw materials for textiles fabrics. Among these, raffia, bark and silk are not produced in abundance, as the production area is restrictive, making it a quite expensive material along all the rest.
The attributes that are associated with Raffia are that of a strong, durable, pliable, flexible and an easy to dye yet soft binding material. This allows artisans to be creative with design, technique and produce accessories that are versatile (rollable and packable) and, most importantly fashionable.
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