ART SIZE: H115cm X W87cm



Title: African Elegance

Artist: Morris

Oil on Canvas

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This striking oil on canvas portrait encapsulates the epitome of African beauty. Against a serene blue backdrop, adorned with delicate white details around her neck and face, the vibrant visage of a woman takes center stage. Her features are a symphony of colors, with black almond-shaped eyes framed by strokes of pink, yellow, orange, blue, white, and green that enhance her natural allure. Adorned with orange earrings, she exudes elegance and grace. The subtle glimpse of her arms and shoulder, and the evocative gesture of her hand delicately touching her inner shoulder, infuses the portrait with a profound sense of emotion and purpose. “African Elegance” invites viewers to admire the radiant beauty and captivating expressions that define this artwork.

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