Opeyemi Anastasia Evripidou – Interview

On July 19th 2023, the Co-owners of oiGio Galleries, Opeyemi Anastasia and Georgio Evripidou, had the greatest opportunity to be interviewed by the Co-owners of PafosPress, one of the biggest and brightest City Press of Paphos as well as Cyprus on behalf of their life story, dreams, ambitions and goals as well as the Gallery’s future itself.

The interview was followed by a spectacular photoshoot of the Co-owners in the astonishing, culture & color rich gallery that they built up through the timespan of the past few months.

You can read the full interview article on the following link: https://pafospress.com/anastasia-opeyemi-eyripidoy-anoigei-ta/?fbclid=IwAR1lkkpMkbpOT-0AhUfFDn9y0iz2AgmNLntiyoD6A0_nYLB0N90RAc6uyqQ

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