oiGio Galleries Grand Opening

On the 25th of February 2023, our Gallery officially opened its doors to the crowd in a spectacular, colorful and joyful atmosphere.

With the assistance of our Mayor’s representative, we cut the ribbon to a new beginning, a unique gem in the middle of the city, a splash of color in the city greys.

Following up with a touching speech from the owners describing how they envisioned this masterpiece, they along with the guests then had a beautiful celebration.

During the grand opening the guests had the opportunity to connect with each other and get in touch with the Gallery’s concept and philosophy while browsing the goods and viewing the artworks.

oiGio co-founders Georgio & Opeyemi Evripidou with PafosPress co-founder Marios Ignatiou

An evening to always be remembered, an evening

that set the beginning to something very special.


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